Mission Statement



Our primary goal is two-fold: first, to unseat Harley Rouda, bought by Michael Bloomberg for 4.3 Million. Second, to stop the corrupt GOP establishment from buying their way past the Primary. Once elected, Caleb plans to promote non-partisan legislative initiatives, pass a 50% anti-corruption tax on Super-PAC Contributions and reform the Civil Service of the executive branch to decentralize power away from D. C.

Foreign Policy

Caleb has a non-interventionist foreign policy plan and a respect for the One China Policy in regards to diplomatic communications with Taiwan.


Caleb hopes to replace current Healthcare system with fixed payments made each year into citizens Health Savings Account. Citizens can choose to pay healthcare costs out the account or to also use the funds to buy medical insurance.

Fetal/Child support minimum

Caleb wants to provide mothers with a $100/month federal floor maternal support payment starting in 2nd trimester until age of 18, conditioned on the mother not getting an abortion in order to disincentivize abortion. Fathers will be restricted from accessing federal programs such as passport services, HUD assistance and food-stamps until he has made his federal minimum payments to the mother.

Immigration Reform

Once in office, Caleb plans to reduce full time visa immigrants to 10k per year while implementing a guest worker system that brings in workers temporarily based on forecasted unemployment. He also supports more funding for boarder security and an entry-exit system.

Education Reform

It is Caleb’s plan to open up work-study funds for college students to be used by all business, not just college, for internships and apprenticeships. Caleb also plans to pass free speech legislation on college campuses to combat political correctness, end tax breaks on universities with endowments over $1 billion and promote school choice and vocational training in the Primary and Secondary education system.


Caleb hopes to implement a Carbon Tariff on imports earmarked equally between solar panel tax rebates and Boarder Security to mitigate Climate Change by preventing the increase in pollution caused by immigrating to America.

second amendment

Caleb will defend the right of law abiding citizens to keep and bear arms.